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Slice Pizza boasts a complete franchise support and set-up procedure, guiding new franchisees in every way possible. From the initial discussions and the launching of the Slice store right through to business development and support, the Slice team have all bases covered. 

The  support system includes implemented strategies to ensure the Slice Pizza franchise store stays true to its roots and upholds the brand’s consistently high standards. 

Appointing you with an expert franchise operator we will work with you to locate a suitable unit, with our property partners negotiating the best rent deals obtainable.

Our design partners also play a prominent role in the first stages, creating stunning, cost effective store layouts for you and your customers to enjoy.

Why choose Slice Pizza?

Be your own boss! Slice Pizza is the perfect opportunity for businesses and individuals to enter the UK pizza delivery market under the umbrella of a brand that provides training and support to all its franchisees.

What does it take to be a Slice Pizza franchisee?

As well as being the coolest pizza brand on the market, the pizza takeaway industry is forever flourishing, something that we at Slice are constantly encouraging. With a whole support network at hand the Slice franchisee option simply makes sense; we help you sell a great product that the market craves!

What level of support is given to the Franchisee?

Slice Pizza has a comprehensive franchise support system in place, designed to guide new franchisees through the entire process – from initial discussions to post-launch and beyond. Slice Pizza implements essential training from its team of experts, providing a strong support system for all franchisees.

We also execute an outstanding digital marketing strategy for Slice Pizza, utilising social media to interact with existing and potential customers, and to ensure our brand gets maximum exposure. We use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share special offers and latest news and updates with fans, as well as to nurture brand loyalty throughout the market.

How much control does a franchisee have?

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Each franchisee owns his or her business, therefore has complete control over the franchise. However, it goes without saying that certain protocols must be standardised across all franchises in order to maintain the consistency and trustworthiness of the Slice Pizza brand.

How much does it cost?

Franchisee set-up costs vary with a personal investment of 30%-40% of the set-up cost. This will cover:

  • Property negotiation.
  • Store design & fit.
  • Staff Training.
  • Recruitment.
  • Branding.
  • Opening Stock.
  • Marketing/PR/Promotions.
  • Social media setup (business Facebook page etc).
  • Software & hardware.
  • Signage.
  • Uniforms.



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